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Reviews of Kodiak Roofing & Siding

Kodiak Roofing & Siding


1504 E Sprague Ave

Spokane, WA 99202-3113

t: (509) 487-9910

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Bad Roofers Star OnStar OffStar OffStar OffStar Off - 08/21/2015 11:08:48
christy from tumtum
Do not use this company; they have lied to me to many times I cannot keep count. They had a job that I was told would only take 3-4 days and it took them 2.5 months. It was that long because they would say they are on the way but never showed or somehow the materials were not ordered right, (the weather was never the problem). The roofer that did show up closed up my main bath vent, also cut a skylight in the wrong spot and said it could not be fixed (the other roofer on the job did move the skylight but now I have to repaint walls instead of just the ceiling), drip line, panels, skylight curbs, skylight glass (scratches and was leaking), holes from putting panel in wrong (whole side of house), ridge line had to be redone twice because it was installed the wrong way (yes that is the whole roof system redone at least twice in most areas), they did not know they needed to put a copper wire from my roof to the foundation and they broke the frame of my new windows from piling the trash up against it, I had a grocery plastic bag full of cut metal, screws and trash that was left ON the roof after they said it was all done and finished. My roof looks like a handyman did it which I would have been ok with if I got the handymanís price. The when placing metal panels on a pitch roof the top piece should be over the bottom so when it rains the water will run down but they have it that the bottom covers the top so there is a ridge that water can seep into (lots of caulking when I showed them that and they said it will be fine), on the curbs around the skylights there is no straight cut but looks like a wave and looks like crap. My drip metal around my house is screwed in different places so it is warped and bubbled. I see my roof every day and think these guys screwed me over. If you would like to see what a great job they did I am more than happy to send pictures. The last straw was they needed to get a permit and have it inspected, I waited 3 months after the roof was finished (Aug) for they to do it and after a week of trying to get Jade to tell me if it was inspected he quit contacting me. If you hire these guys they will tell you how they canít be at your house because of: broken trucks, wrong materials, no show, out of town, forgot, stuck in traffic (whole day), weather (clear sunny skies no chance of rain), bad roofer (Jade told me he had 7 complains about the roofer not doing his job and fighting with customers before he sent him to my house), will not return phone calls, texts, or emails until you threaten them with kicking them off the job. If you think I am making this all up I am more than willing to send you my email and text messages. I am trying to let everyone know these guys will lie and take your money and hope you donít get on your roof to see the mistakes.